November 8th: pre State-X


04 Nov November 8th: pre State-X

We like spoiling you, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do.
Thursday, December 8th will be a Pre State-X day. You will get a chance to
prepare yourself before the musical adventure will begin.

With a State-X New Forms passe-partout you will gain access to an extra four acts.

SKIP&DIE | Location: Paard van Troje
Endless energetic tropical beats that make you want to dance.

DeStijl | Location: Paardcafé
French indie dance-rock straight from Montpellier.

Bauer | Location: Koorenhuis
Warm, rich orchestrated and adventurous.

Vessel 2.0 with S.T. Cordell and Don Voyage | Location: Secret location (will be revealed later)
Dark krautrock and nasty new wave

When the maximum capacity of a venue is reached you can be denied entry. If you want to be sure to be able to enter, you can buy a separate ticket for the show. Ticketholders of the separate concerts can always enter.