The Alvaret Ensemble


Koorenhuis I


21.00 - 21.45


December 10, 2016

Saturday December 10

Improvised neo-classical and post-ambient balancing on the edge of avant-garde and classical music. The Alvaret Ensemble is formed around Greg Haines, Romke Kleefstra, Sytze Pruiksma and poet Jan Kleefstra. Often expending to include other musicians from around the world.


One of the projects is named Skeylja, an international multimedia project, based on improvisational music. This international artist-in-residence program is focused around meetings between Dutch, Frisian, Icelandic and English musicians, poets and visual artists. Key elements are live improvisational music in the ambient and neoclassical genre, Frisian poetry and new visual interpretations of the Icelandic landscape.


This time they are joined by the Polish violinist Olga Wojciechowska and the Portugese cellist Ioana Guerra. Together they will be recording an album in a church is Friesland, but first they want to try out the new material live on an audience. So be ready for new material from this astonishing ensemble.