Paard II


01.45 - 02.45


December 09, 2016

Friday December 9

Formerly known as officerfishdumplings, H.A.T. is a mesmerising combination of electrionics and traditional music in the multimedia collective REMIX <–> Culture.
Behind the pseudonym H.A.T. lies Hatim Belyamani, a Moroccan-American musician, DJ and multimedia artist. H.A.T. started recording traditional music from his motherland is Morocco, both audio as well as video. Besides Morocca H.A.T. also uses traditional music from Brazil and China that were recorded during traveling.


The raw material forms the basis of his very creative, innovative and amazing audio-visual remixes. H.A.T slowly builds  up an uplifting and trance inducing groove, whilst keeping the audience mesmerised by visuals that are completely in sync with the audio.