Alfie Ryner


Koorenhuis II


23.30 - 00.15


December 09, 2016

Friday December 9

“The Quintet creates a menacing sound: it growls, prowls, stalks and builds seemingly relentless tension. The band has a way of forming dark pulsing hypnotic grooves that draw you in and leave you hanging. It’s pretty wild stuff, loud, cinematic, caustic and very, very good” – Bebop Spoken Here


Alfie Ryner was established in 2006 when five musicians got together with a common goal: to experiment with new concepts of improvised music. The result sounds dark and heavy, with menacing ensemble-playing of sax, trombone and electric guitar, alongside a hypnotic rhythm section of double bass and drums.


The writing of their last album “Lilith” started off with the adaptation of two Indonesian songs that especially touched them: a traditional funeral choir to be sung in front of a deceased one and a piece from Bali that is played during mortuary rituals.