20 Nov Wolf!Where?

Surfacing out of the depths of two decades of The Hague's underground DJ Wolf!Where? converges a wide range of sounds into multilayered sets where dark-techno fuses with the full on dynamics of electro house, new wave, acid post punk and psychadelica. However...

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Fine China Superbone, by Zeloot

20 Nov Fine China Superbone

Fine China Superbone  is a well hidden gem hailing from The Hague's  underground, featuring members of Organisms and the notorious Spider Rico. This noise/mathrock outfit started out around the dark year 2000 and soon got a reputation for their manically raging noise/punk rock shows. Throughout the...

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Wojtek Justyna Tree… Oh!?

20 Nov Wojtek Justyna Tree… Oh!?

Funk on the bottom, jazz on the top. This sums up the intriguing fusion of the fresh jazzy sounds and funky grooves of Dutch based group the Wojtek Justyna Tree… Oh!?. Polish frontman and guitarist Wojtek Justyna composes pieces that will lighten up your soul and...

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Supersonic Blues

20 Nov Supersonic Blues

With the mutual love for obscure, groovy, heavy and fuzzed out music from the 1960s and 70s, Gianni and Timothy soon found themselves spinning their record collection on The Hague’s underground radio station, Radio Tonka. With the addition of drummer Tim Ros, Supersonic Blues was...

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20 Nov Piouxsie

With their poetic view upon the world and themselves, Alina and Jessie form the duo PIOUXSIE. With disturbed synths, vocals and effects they make dark hypnotizing electronics....

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Azure Hiptronics

20 Nov Azure Hiptronics

Azure Hiptronics created their own genre: ultrafunkatronicjazzhippop, a energetic cross-over between jazz, funk, pop and electro. The eclectic show titled ‘Hiptronics’ tells a story about alienation, presented to the spectators by synchronised visuals. Contemporary electronic sounds by keyboard artist Federico Solazzo, the masterly art of Rogier...

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Stoka Ensmeble

20 Nov Stoka Ensemble

Stoka Ensemble is a new ensemble from The Hague which probes the intersections of noise music and afrobeat. With a unique instrumentation of two horns, acoustic drums and three laptop artists, this ensemble brings together uncompromising experimental sounds with ruthless Nigerian beats and rhythms.Since its foundation, in the...

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Full Monty

20 Nov Full Monty

Full Monty ~ A British slang phrase used to describe when one goes ‘all the way’.The Hague based producer Boris Boom does just that with his explosive mixture of electro, beats and bass. SXNF will be treated with a taste of his forthcoming 2016 show titled ‘Kill Your Ego’...

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DJ Lao Lao

20 Nov DJ Lao Lao

Laura Nijhuijs - aka DJ Lao Lao - is singer and guitarplayer but also behind the decks she knows her stuff. Dj Lao Lao will take you on a colorful trip through best sounds of  Motown, 50s & 60s, Rock 'n Roll, Indie and all those...

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20 Nov Kazmo

Kazmo aka Kaspar Kazil is a young producer who, next to his Kazilae project, needed a release valve for when he just wants to play some funky lines over those pretty bad typical 80's beats. His songs are so that he play as much live as...

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