Bushman's Revenge

22 Sep Bushman’s Revenge

“Bassist Rune Nergaard and drummer Gard Nilssen chase Hermansen’s impulses as if Jitterbug was a Marshall-amp version of John Coltrane’s Interstallar Space” – Rolling Stone Magazine   Bushman’s Revenge is a Norwegian power trio that seamlessly combine jazz improvisation with heavy metal dynamics and prog rock. The...

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22 Sep Nusodia

Nusodia is a multicultural percussion and dance group from Amsterdam,  established by West-African, Dutch and Surinamise musicians. The group creates world music based on the old-time traditions of Burkina Faso. Characterising is the leading role of the balloon and the ngoni, the melodic instruments, while the percussion...

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21 Sep The Alvaret Ensemble

Improvised neo-classical and post-ambient balancing on the edge of avant-garde and classical music. The Alvaret Ensemble is formed around Greg Haines, Romke Kleefstra, Sytze Pruiksma and poet Jan Kleefstra. Often expending to include other musicians from around the world.   One of the projects is named Skeylja, an...

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A Giant Dog

21 Sep A Giant Dog

"Everything on the surface of A Giant Dog's record "Pile" screams beware. From the violent lyrics to the grotesque cover art to the very name of the band, the message is clear." - Pitchfork   A Giant Dog is raucous ear candy culled from the hook-driven melodies of Slade, the...

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Tom Adams

21 Sep Tom Adams

Composer and electronic musician Tom Adams grew up near Cambridge, the flattest part of the United Kingdom. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, Tom’s heart found a home in the wild and mountainous places of this earth. The love of nature is ever present...

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21 Sep H.A.T.

Formerly known as officerfishdumplings, H.A.T. is a mesmerising combination of electrionics and traditional music in the multimedia collective REMIX <--> Culture. Behind the pseudonym H.A.T. lies Hatim Belyamani, a Moroccan-American musician, DJ and multimedia artist. H.A.T. started recording traditional music from his motherland is Morocco, both...

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21 Sep Mt. Wolf

“Enough hypnotic electronica to keep bassheads interested, while their folky roots and classical string instruments add depth to satisfy any weary soul” – MTV   The London based Mt. Wolf impressed quite a few of the online tastemakers with their early releases. Continuously entering the Hype Machine...

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Dominic J Marshall Trio

21 Sep Dominic J. Marshall Trio

“He brings together a great heritage of the past, but also something very fresh and new.” – Jamie Cullum   The Dominic J. Marshall trio is led by Dominic John Marshall, a pianist, composer and beatmaker from Wiltshire, England. After studying classical piano for 10 years with...

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07 Sep Alfie Ryner

“The Quintet creates a menacing sound: it growls, prowls, stalks and builds seemingly relentless tension. The band has a way of forming dark pulsing hypnotic grooves that draw you in and leave you hanging. It’s pretty wild stuff, loud, cinematic, caustic and very, very good”...

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