17 Nov DeStijl

This show is part of the Pre State-X night   DeStijl is a French indie dance-rock band from Montpellier. The four headed band has released four albums in the last two decades and just finished recording their fifth in Manchester. Their latest work will be mixed and mastered...

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17 Nov Bauer

This show is part of the Pre State-X night   ‘If there has to be another Bauer album, then it has to be the Bauer album’, was the thought of frontman Berend Dubbe who has been captain of the ship since debut album ‘On the move’ (1999)....

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This show is part of the Pre State-X night   The Dutch-South African band SKIP&DIE knows how to make you move. With their multi mesh of Tropical Bass, Experimental Dub, Afrofuturistic Beat, Digital Cumbia, Kwaito, Ghettotech and more genre surprises, they sweep their European audience off their...

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17 Nov Pre State-X

We like spoiling you, so that's exactly what we're going to do. Thursday, December 8th will be a Pre State-X day. You will get a chance to prepare yourself before the musical adventure will begin.   With a State-X New Forms passe-partout you will gain access to an extra four acts. SKIP&DIE |...

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16 Nov Don Voyage

  This show is part of the Pre State-X night   Vessel2.0; Tanker. Ship. Barge   He used to play vinyl but as times have changed so have Don's ways. Nowadays Don usually plays his DJ sets from usb-sticks, he thinks this is very practical alternative to the usually cumbersome and...

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16 Nov S.T. Cordell

This show is part of the Pre State-X night   Vessel2.0; Tanker. Ship. Barge   Prepare to dance, nod your head and wonder off . Expect pounding beats, repetitive bass grooves, psyched out vocals, analog samples and synth explorations that will tie up a set of exotic European dance...

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16 Nov Colloid

Colloid started experimenting with sound and music in 1992. From then there is an ongoing search for noises, clicks and evolving sounds The main goal of this search is to find an organic electronic sound which can't be found in most commercial production tools and...

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08 Nov Apollo x Dyonisus

A (dis-)harmony between a visual artist and a musician.   The performance Apollo X Dionysus is a musical showdown between historical characters that uses contrasts within well-known duos to symbolise and personify both Apollo (Edwin Oranje) - god of imagination & control and Dionysus (Charlotte van Winden)...

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03 Nov ANTEZ

Unfortunately due a malfunctioning car, ANTEZ won't be able to make it to The Hague, so the act is canceled.    A percussionist and sound sculptor who explores the sound and the matter by interviewing the physical perception of sound, his relation with the space and the kingdom. He...

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31 Oct G.O.D

A drumset, a bass guitar and an electric guitar; that is all you need according to G.O.D. Based in The Hague they're formed by members of Supersonic Blues and the Hofstad Group. Inspired by Mötorhead and ZEKE they create a unique bluesy speedrock sound....

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