Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, ladies and gentlemen, come inside, come inside.

It is the eleventh edition of State-X New Forms or as they say in the south of the wonderful low countries: the fool’s edition. Another two days of discovering new sounds, collapsing musical continents and strange harmonies.

A friday night filled with jazz, improvisations, world music, leftfield electronics and hip hop, followed by a decibels-filled saturday night in which we meet again with old friends who are on the brink of new releases and try to break a new world record in noise. On the other side of the spectrum we have some of the quietest music around, where melancholy is your guide.
If you want to participate yourselves make sure to touch the keys of the Magnetic Field Installation or join in the dance of Noblesse’s Amos Ben-Tal. Alternatively feel free to indulge anonymously in the party that is going on the whole weekend, from the confettislinging of Rich Aucoin to the pentagrammik cokesniffing of The Hard Way.

You may find yourself in another part of the world and you may ask yourself: “Well… How did I get here?” We may never pass this way again.

Enjoy, be part of State-X New Forms 2014.


Just a quick  heads up: the last available Early Bird tickets for the SXNF saturday are about to sell out.
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